Fastener Failures Solved with Solid Ceramic FastenersSoild ceramic hex head bolt, flat washer and hex nut

Overcoming environmental extremes requires a specialized solution metal alloy and polymer fasteners cannot deliver. When consistent, reliable and long lasting fastener performance is required in high temperature, corrosive, electrical and leak-free environments, solid ceramic fasteners are your solution and Ceramco is your solution specialist.

Why Solid Ceramic Fasteners?

Extreme environments may sometimes make fastener replacement difficult, but is always a costly proposition when replacement becomes necessary. Examples include exposure to high temperature and/or corrosives. There exist other environments in which fasteners are exposed to extremes by design. Examples include high and low voltage resistance and the ability to hold a vacuum. All of these extreme environmental conditions are overcome using solid ceramic fasteners.

High Temperature Environments

Solid ceramic fasteners easily withstand exposure to temperatures of 1600°C and higherThe ability to withstand constant high temperature exposure and resist heat transfer make solid ceramic fasteners the ideal solution for either or both environmental conditions.

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Corrosive Environments

Solid ceramic fasteners do not oxidize nor degrade in the presence of corrosivesSolid ceramic fasteners neither oxidize nor degrade. They possess exceptional resistance to corrosive chemicals and show virtually no surface wear resulting from the exposure.

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High & Low Voltage Environments

Solid ceramic fasteners are non-conductive and inertSolid ceramic fasteners can contain voltage, as well as not interfere with it. They are non-conductive and inert, yet possess a high mechanical strength.

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Leak-Free, Vacuum Environments

Solid ceramic fasteners are non-porus and hold a vacuumSolid ceramic fasteners provide leak free connections, hold a vacuum and keep contaminates out. They are a non-magnetic, non-porous, non out-gassing, dust free fastener solution.

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Comparison of Material Properties a

Material Maximum
of Thermal
Alumina (99.8%) Very High Very Low Very Low Excellent Low
Zirconia TZP b Moderate Very Low Very Low Excellent Very Low
Molybdenum Very High Very High Low Poor Very Low
Nylon 6,6 Very Low Very Low Very Low Excellent Low
Stainless Steel Moderate High Moderate Very Poor Very High
Titanium High Moderate High Very Poor Moderate
a. Averages intended for quick comparison only. No guarantee should be assumed or is implied.
b. Yttria Stabilized

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Heat Resistant Corrosion Resistant Non-conductive Non Out-Gassing

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