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Technical Summary - Stock Ceramic Fasteners

Material Properties

All of Ceramco's stock solid ceramic Metric and U.S. Inch machine screws, bolts, matching hex nuts & flat washers are produced from the same material formulations as are many of our custom ceramic parts, including blends of either partially stabilized zirconia (PSZ) when toughness and other unique properties are required, or our A998 alumina (aluminum oxide, Al2O3).

Please refer to the chart: "Ceramco's Materials and Their Propertiess," for specific information on the applicable formulations.

Materials Strength

This data is not guaranteed and is intended only as informational. Exposing ceramic fasteners to the same forces typically exerted on metal fasteners is not recommended and may result in catastrophic failure.

"Destructive Torque" in the table below refers to the average maximum torque on hex head bolts until failure.

Size Destructive
Torque (lb-in.)
Strength (psi)
Temperature (°C)
4-40 2.4 4,400 1,600
6-32 3.3 5,000 1,600
8-32 7.4 7,000 1,600
10-32 11.7 8,000 1,600
1/4-20 14.6 8,000 1,600

Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

Ceramco’s stock, solid ceramic fasteners are 100% molded, using our near-net shaping process, then fired to full density, never machined or fatigued from harsh grinding.

Tolerances on Length

  • Bolts and screws up to 1" (25 mm): ±1/32" (0.8 mm)
  • Bolts and screws 1" (25 mm) or longer: ±1/16" (1.6 mm)


  • Inspected using a class 2 fastenera
  • Pitch diameter of male threads will not exceed the max allowable according to Class 2
  • Minimum allowable pitch diameter of male threads may be below that of Class 2
  • Conversely for female threads
  • Engaging more than 6-10 threads on any male fastener is not recommended

a Shrink factor variations in processing and stack-up tolerance cannot be controlled on the thread pitch, precluding their checking with a thread guage.

No warrantee with respect to torque strength and tensile strength is extended, nor implied. Ceramic materials are inherently brittle and display catastrophic failure mode if impacted, or stressed beyond the material’s limit.

Further testing at Ceramco includes extensive random dimensional verification of samples and the monitoring and documentation of each raw materials batch.

Heat Resistant Corrosion Resistant Non-conductive Non Out-Gassing

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