Solid Ceramic Fasteners


Technical Summary

Solid ceramic fasteners technical summary
Material Properties

All of Ceramco's stock solid ceramic Metric and U.S. Inch machine screws, bolts, matching hex nuts & flat washers are produced from the same material formulations as are many of our OEM ceramic parts. For specific information on the applicable formulations, please see:

  1. Ceramic Fastener Material Properties
Installation Torque Values

Ceramco has established the maximum service torque values for customers whose application(s) may be dependent on specific torque or preload requirements. For specific information please see:

  1. Installation Torque Value Maximums
Mechanical Properties - Independent Laboratory Test Results

Ceramco has obtained unbiased, third-party data based on industry standard test methodologies. As testing continues, these data will help drive and guide material and process development within the company and expand our product offerings.

  1. Ceramic Fastener Mechanical Properties
Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

Ceramco’s stock solid ceramic fasteners are 100% molded, using our near-net shaping process, then fired to full density, never machined or fatigued from harsh grinding. To learn more about our manufacturing processes, please visit these links on our corporate website:

Tolerances on Length

Threads Inspected using a Class 2 fastener a

a Shrink factor variations in processing and stack-up tolerance cannot be controlled on the thread pitch, precluding their checking with a thread gauge.

No warranty with respect to torque strength and tensile strength is extended, nor implied. Ceramic materials are inherently brittle and display catastrophic failure mode if impacted, or stressed beyond the material’s limit.

Further testing at Ceramco includes extensive random dimensional verification of samples and the monitoring and documentation of each raw materials batch.

Ceramics Experts Stock ceramic fasteners or OEM ceramic parts... Everything is manufactured under the watchful eyes and guidance of the same highly trained, expert engineers.

Choice of Materials Stock fastener inventory includes:

Other production formulations available. Contact us.

Eight Head Styles Metric or U.S. Inch, in Various Lengths

Matching Hex Nuts and Flat Washers also Inventoried

Specialty Fasteners

Other Specialty Fasteners also available including: solid ceramic threaded rods, stand-offs and more. Contact us.

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