Solid Ceramic Fasteners


Manufacturing Pioneer is more than a claim.

In 1990 Ceramco pioneered the manufacture of solid ceramic fastenersIn 1990 Ceramco pioneered the manufacture of solid ceramic fasteners and now has a comprehensive inventory of ceramic machine screws, nuts, bolts and washers in standard sizes. In over 30 years of Ceramco’s manufacturing OEM ceramic parts, the need for a traditional or “stock” ceramic fastener continues to grow.

Materials Synergy

Ceramco’s stock ceramic fasteners are produced from the same material formulations as are many of our OEM ceramic parts. These formulations include our A998 alumina (aluminum oxide, Al2O3), zirconia (3YTZP) and ZTA (a zirconia and alumina composite). Ceramco’s stock ceramic fasteners are 100% molded, using our near-net shaping process, and then fired to full density. Ceramco stock ceramic fasteners are never machined or fatigued from harsh grinding.

Process Capability

Many methods will yield a ceramic fastener. Knowing which method is the best choice requires manufacturing expertise. Ceramco has the expertise and the in-house capability, providing you the finest stock solid ceramic fasteners available.

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LPIM - Low Pressure Ceramic Injection Molding

LPIM   (Low Pressure Ceramic Injection Molding)  Near-net shaped production quantities* of 100 to 10,000 pieces annually utilizing tooling from type 6061 aluminum. Providing both flexibility and value, LPIM tooling can typically produce 10,000 ceramic parts before any maintenance is needed. Learn more…

HPIM - High Pressure Ceramic Injection MoldingHPIM   (High Pressure Ceramic Injection)  Molding Near-net shaped production quantities* of 10,000 pieces or more annually utilizing tool steel as the material of choice to satisfy the increased volume requirements yet maintain the precision on critical OEM ceramic parts features. Learn more…

MicroPIM - High Pressure Ceramic Injection Molding Parts ≥ 0.05 GramsMicroPIM   (High Pressure Ceramic Injection Molding Parts ≥ 0.05 Grams) MicroPIM is another high-volume, near-net shaping production method virtually the same as HPIM (above) and with the same tooling requirements. MicroPIM differs in its ability to output highly-configured, complex-shaped ceramic parts as small as 0.05 Grams. Learn more…

Additive, 3D Printing, LCM, Lithography-based Ceramic ManufacturingAdditive   (3D Printing, Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing) Our additive technology provides us the ability to rapid prototype a near-net part (in some cases) in days, with no tooling required. This technology is also used for smaller production runs and overcomes die lock and demolding issues that might be encountered in our other forming processes. Learn more…

Ceramics Experts Stock ceramic fasteners or OEM ceramic parts... Everything is manufactured under the watchful eyes and guidance of the same highly trained, expert engineers.

Choice of Materials Stock fastener inventory includes:

Other production formulations available. Contact us.

Eight Head Styles Metric or U.S. Inch, in Various Lengths

Matching Hex Nuts and Flat Washers also Inventoried

Specialty Fasteners

Other Specialty Fasteners also available including: solid ceramic threaded rods, stand-offs and more. Contact us.

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