Soild ceramic hex head bolt, flat washer and hex nutFastener Failure Due to Excessive Heat… SOLVED!

Solid ceramic fasteners easily withstand exposure to temperatures of 1600°C and higherThere are few materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 1600°C and many such applications in which failure, or easy replacement, is not an option. Now, when facing this problem, you'll have the solution… Solid Ceramic Fasteners & Ceramco!

High Temperature Resistance

Ceramic’s ability to withstand constant high temperature is inherent and well known. This is referred to as its: "Maximum Service Temperature." In this instance, higher is better. Fasteners made of Ceramco's alumina A998 have a maximum service temperature of 1650°C. Our zirconia fasteners are rated at a maximum service temperature of 800°C.

Maximum service temperature is not always the only consideration. There are conditions in which temperature cycling is also a factor. "Temperature Cycling" is a condition in which the ambient temperature is subject to rapid and extreme change. Selecting the correct ceramic material for a fastener with a high maximum service temperature and the ability to withstand temperature cycling may require guidance from Ceramco's materials engineers. Please contact us for assistance.

Heat Transfer Resistance

You now know Ceramco solid ceramic fasteners have a high maximum service temperature. This property is also found in Molybdenum fasteners. However, (unlike Molybdenum) solid ceramic fasteners extend their heat resistance even further in another inherent property: the ability to not transfer or conduct heat. This material property is called: “Thermal Conductivity.”

Ceramco’s solid alumina ceramic fasteners thermal conductivity is very low (lower is better). Our solid zirconia ceramic fasteners are almost 10 times lower than our alumina counterpart! Ceramco will help you to decide which material is the correct choice for the application. Please contact us for assistance.


High heat resistance is inherent in solid ceramic fasteners with properties varying depending upon the fastener’s composition. What you may not realize is that manufacturing techniques exist to produce a solid ceramic fastener that is also strong.

Strength is accomplished in two ways:

  1. Fully molding the solid ceramic fastener, including the threads to avoid machining, as it is the machining that weakens the ceramic.
  2. Full density firing of the solid ceramic fastener; the ceramic composition determines the length of time it can fired.

Ceramco’s alumina and zirconia fastener compositions are fully molded and fired to full density, resulting in a heat resistant and strong solid ceramic fastener. Solid ceramic fasteners (like all fasteners) have limits to their strength ratings. These characteristics are called: Mechanical Properties." When not over-torqued, or subjected to impacts, Ceramco’s solid ceramic fasteners deliver consistent, reliable and long lasting performance in high heat environments.

Please contact Ceramco for assistance with questions on solid ceramic fastener material strength.

Comparison of Material Properties a

Material Maximum
of Thermal
Alumina (99.8%) Very High Very Low Very Low Excellent Low
Zirconia TZP b Moderate Very Low Very Low Excellent Very Low
Molybdenum Very High Very High Low Poor Very Low
Nylon 6,6 Very Low Very Low Very Low Excellent Low
Stainless Steel Moderate High Moderate Very Poor Very High
Titanium High Moderate High Very Poor Moderate
a. Averages intended for quick comparison only. No guarantee should be assumed or is implied.
b. Yttria Stabilized

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