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Ceramco Hex Head Ceramic Fasteners
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The six flats on the fastener’s hexagonal head accommodate a secure tool grip from various directions. Hex head fasteners do not require inline access for tightening, making them an ideal choice in applications where space is limited. Matching ceramic Ceramic hex nuts ceramic flat washers metric or U.S. Inch hex nuts and metric or U.S. Inch ceramic flat washers also available.

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Choice of Materials in Metric & U.S. Inch for Hex Head Fasteners
Out-performing Metal and Plastic Hex Head Fasteners in Extreme Environments

Material Properties Which is the best choice for your application?

Torque Values for applications dependent on specific torque or preload requirements.

Threads The pitch diameter of male threads will not exceed the max allowable according to Class 2. Minimum allowable pitch diameter may be below that of Class 2, conversely for female threads.

Due to shrink factor variances, the stack up tolerance cannot be controlled on the pitch. It is recommended that you not engage more than 5 threads on any male fastener.

Notice Ceramic materials are inherently brittle and display catastrophic failure if impacted or stressed beyond material limits.

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